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cerpin discovered a glitch that lets you swim through the air. so far, we've only found one place where you can do it -- at the top of the waterfall in thorntail hollow.

to start an airswim, stand in the water toward the middle-left part of the cliff's edge. then rapidly tap z to go into and out of first-person view while pushing slightly up on the joystick. if done correctly, your fall will get canceled but you'll end up swimming anyway, right in midair.

you can then swim over pretty much everything, but no way to ascend or descend has been found. the only known way to land is to swim on to something slightly below you -- just like how you'd normally get out of water.

this vid shows that early cape claw is easy (though the gate is already open since this is a completed file). it might be possible to airswim from similar waterfalls, but nothing's been found yet.

more airswimming: airswimming over cape claw and out-of-bounds stuff: getting behind the warp stone:

my playlist of star fox adventures vids:

again, all credit for the airswim goes to cerpin.

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