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By doing this, you can go and finish the game right after you beat Chauncey. This means you can beat the game catching only 4 portrait ghosts, collecting none of Mario's items, and catching none of the Boos.

The trick is hell, by the way. Getting the skewed angle you need is complete garbage, and after that it's hell to get the right position and rotation to fall between the rooms without landing back in bounds, jumping to the floor above you, or simply losing your skewed angle. Mid-fall you also have to manage to fall into the wall in King Boo's hall, and then navigate out of bounds with an obscured view without triggering the scene that sends you away and without going too far out of bounds or you get stuck.

Since the view is obscured after I fall into the hall, I included an overhead cam courtesy of the Free Look feature of Dolphin so you can actually tell what's going on.

About the skewing glitch: When you're on Floor 1.5, if you get hit by something that can touch the ceiling like a bat, a mouse or one of the pans in the kitchen, it will sometime mess up and skew Luigi's angle. Sometimes it will realign him, but it can also fail to realign Luigi back to the floor and leaves him in the skewed position, with Luigi's collision data adhering to his new angle. However, it is required to use the Sidestep control scheme, as you lose your skewed angle almost immediately in Standard.

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